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Reverse Mortgage

The eligibility qualifications for the HECM are very simple. The homeowner must be at least 62 years old and have an acceptable equity position in their primary residence. The primary residence includes any FHA approved property: single family residence, multi-family 2 to 4 unit dwelling (one unit occupied by home owner), HUD approved condominiums, or manufactured homes. There are no income or credit requirements for this mortgage program. Eligible homeowners must also complete counseling with a HUD approved and accredited reverse mortgage counselor. The counselor would review all aspects of the reverse mortgage program and how this mortgage type will specifically help the homeowner(s) based on their equity position. The mortgage typically does not have to be repaid until the last surviving homeowner moves out of the property. If the homeowner does not maintain the property as their primary residence for a 12 month period, the mortgage will be due.

The maximum mortgaged amount is calculated from the appraised value of the property, homeowner(s) age (youngest homeowner), interest rate (fixed or variable), equity position, and FHA lending

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Hiring A Mortgage Broker

Mortgage is one of the things that must not be done with DIY tips. Even with the fact that its inherent conditions are not that complicated, most especially for the eager to learn and those who are financially savvy, there are a lot of beneficial inside details regarding mortgages that are not just accessible to anyone who is not a member of the industry.

Reasons For Getting The Services Of A Broker

  • This professional can streamline the process – It will be a lot easier for you to make the best decision when it comes to protecting as well as managing your finances. You can rely on them since they can be able to suggest the best mortgage that suits you. Also, they can design a personalized program that will consider your other financial accountabilities so that mortgage payments will be less burdensome, and will provide you with loads of excellent mortgage advice.
  • Access to inside info regarding the mortgage industry – You can always be updated regarding the possible changes that will directly affect you like new mortgage criteria
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Buy Overseas Property Safely

Hire an independent lawyer

Many people seek the help of real estate agents, which is not a very good start. No matter how smart, experienced, informative and well-mannered an agent tends to be, never fall for it. Always get an independent lawyer, who will represent you throughout the whole buying process. If you are represented by the lawyer, it means you are well-protected from making any expensive mistakes down the road.

Get help from a financial specialist

Sort out your financial preferences that would help you allot a suitable budget to purchase the property. Get a provisional mortgage if you have plans to borrow money apart from what you plan to pay from your pocket. Ask your financial specialist to suggest a long term repayment plan that would be feasible for you as the lending criteria and the borrowing costs may change during those years.

Hire a foreign exchange specialist

If you borrow money overseas, but earn at home, you have to make sure that the rate fluctuations would not

Choosing a Commercial Property

Commercial property

When you are investing for the purposes of capital growth, there are certain kinds of retail, commercial or industrial properties that can be a very superior option. It is important to know that not all kinds of properties will perform the same. There will always be differences.

When you start to analyze the great potential of a physical property, location and position need to be considered and should actually be the key elements in the process of making a decision. In property, the capital growth of an asset comes from the increase of the land value and the location influences the demand and supply for the land and this then determines the value. A good example is a central business district where the value of land is very high and this actually drives the capital growth.

When the land value goes up, then the value of all the improvements or even the building itself will depreciate with time. This means that the land appreciation should be sufficient enough to counter the building depreciation and also to grow the asset value with time.

Position means how easy it is to access the property.

Mortgages For First Timers

Buying the first home is not just a very exciting experience but it is undoubtedly the most challenging experience. Now, what is the biggest challenge when you are planning to buy your first house? It is choosing the right mortgage for yourself. Well, there are so many mortgages available in the market. These days the lenders have all the specifications mentioned in their offers and so there is hardly anything that you will not know before you make the decision to choose the best mortgage for yourself. Yes, you will have to do some comparisons before coming to a conclusion. One thing that you must never let skip out of your mind is the practical financial target that you have in mind. All the lenders will do the calculation based on your income, your expenses, your savings, your records, the current interest rates and the possible fluctuations of the rates in the future. Of course, these factors are taken into account roughly.

Be informed that 100% mortgages are not available these days. So that means, you will have to make an initial deposit of the total mortgage amount decided and the remaining amount will be financed by

Finding a Residential Property

Your first job is gathering information about property management companies operating in the area you are looking to invest in. Remember, that this field is filled with frauds; so, before picking the property management company, never forget to perform detailed research. Opt for a company that enjoys great reputation. A great way of knowing what people think about the firm is checking the Internet. You can also seek suggestions from your friends and relatives when it comes to picking the management firm.

The next step should be talking to the bank. Of course, you will not need to do this if you have enough money ready to invest and if you don’t want to take a bank loan. However, for people who need a bank loan to invest, this step is extremely important. The bank will inform you about the maximum amount you can get as a loan. This will make your search for a property easier as you will know your financial capacity. The technical term used for this step is getting pre-qualified.

The third step is possibly the most important one. In this step, you will need to decide on the location you want

Purchasing Industrial Property


Residential property investment is actually relatively low risk and as a result, low return. Commercial property includes a higher return but this comes in a higher risk. For instance, a flat or device will average a come back of 5% whereas commercial property, such as the warehouse, may average 8%.


The higher risk comes as higher vacancy rates. Let’s make use of the warehouse example. It could take a while to locate a new tenant for the actual warehouse, many months and possibly greater than a year. Conversely, finding a brand new tenant for your residential property will require generally a week or even two.

Duration of rents

Residential leases tend to become for six or 12 several weeks. However, commercial property leases are usually for a much longer time period. It is not uncommon to possess leases that are to have an initial five-year period, using the option to renew with regard to another five years, after which another.

Quality of renter

The tenant is obviously an important part of your home investment. In commercial home, a government or large corporate tenant is recognized as a ‘blue chip’

Ensure the Future of Your Property

  • Buy at a cheaper rate – It is said that one makes more money when he/she buys than when he/she sells. But buying at a cheaper price is a great way to curtail risk. Well, the reason behind this is very simple. You invest less capital, gather fewer liabilities, and you set yourself in a position to grab a higher yield as compared to the purchase price. This stands true for property investment too.
  • Ensure an updated will – You should have an updated will. This is to ensure that your assets are distributed as per your wish. This gives you great piece of mind and there is crystal clear clarity in terms of who gets what from your property.
  • Get income protection insurance – If you are a property investor who is contractually employed or are self-employed, your income does not enjoy the same stability as that of a permanent employee. One great way to ensure the stability of your income is to take out income protection insurance. This makes it possible to receive a certain income if you are unable to work due to any reasons. This might be possible in some countries, but wherever possible, it

Mortgage Rate Forecasts

One thing that consumers are very keen on paying attention to is mortgage rates. Recent research has indicated that a consumer will begin researching rates months before they finally pull the trigger and decide on a loan. If you are looking at buying a home in the near future, or you are just someone who likes to stay on top of the trends, you should pay close attention. Below, we will go over some predictions and projections from a few expert sources.

Freddie Mac is, in short, a federally backed company that deals in the purchases and sales of mortgage securities. Since 1971, Freddie Mac has released a weekly report of lending trends. Recently, the interest rates on 30-year loans were at 4.53 percent according to this publication. This figure continued to drop significantly to an impressive 4.1 percent interest. While the current numbers look good for potential homebuyers, Freddie Mac is projecting these figures to climb back up to 5 percent as time continues to pass. It is important to note that the increase in rates is just a projection based on observable market trends. Also important to keep in mind is that the increase in

Making an Offer on Commercial Property

The first tip we have for you is to determine what your needs will be. You may want to create a checklist of those needs you deem to be essential. These needs include how much space you will need, how much parking space you will need, and will you need a lot of storage space. Perhaps the most essential need will be for a prime location near major highways and/or public transportation. There will be somethings you think you need but that you really can do without. Maybe once you have met your essential needs, you can also consider some of these. However, keep these on the back burner for budgetary reasons.

That brings us to our next tip; your budget. Every business typically has a budget; especially when it comes to a major expense such as moving. You will want to know what you can expect to spend on your new property. Also will you be renting it or buying it? Those are major factors in negotiating your commercial property deal. You also ought to compare the costs of the different properties you are looking at and how they stack up against each other. You are