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In recent years, many products have focused on “penis enlargement”…which yea, can be important we all know, but the strength of the orgasm is determined by guess what? The amount of semen! So if you are one of those men looking to increase the strength of your why wouldn’t you, then Semenax is definitely worth a try! Besides, if you don’t like it, you get your money back! What more could you ask for?…a chance to enhance your orgasm, and if by some SLIM chance you don’t like the product, well you can get a refund! So, what are you waiting for?

What are the best treatments for hormonal spots and melasma?

Have you noticed some dark spots on your face? Well, that can be Melasma. It is not so bad, but to be honest, none of us like it! Melasma is a condition that causes diffuse spots on the cheeks, foreheads, and lips in young women and is hormonal.


Melasma is often treated in autumn, as it is usually associated with sun exposure. There are also some guidelines for cosmetics that you should consider. Now, there are many skin spots, and as we told you, The most common is melasma.


Melasma can be caused by two elements: sun exposure and female hormones. Melanin is a hormone that causes the skin to produce melanin. The pigment that causes the stain. This is why hormonal spots are more common in pregnant women or taking the pill.


Sun exposure is another condition that can cause melasma. Patients often tell me they don’t go out to sunbathe. This is challenging in a country like Spain. It is important to remember that sun protection creams are imperfect.


Melasma is a condition that causes the skin to become swollen and swollen. It manifests as a series of diffuse spots, mostly on the forehead, cheeks, or above the lips. They tend to get worse in summer and then improve in winter. Any treatment we perform in autumn will be more appreciated than one done in spring.

How can I treat melasma?


Three recommendations were made regarding melasma.


  • Use mineral or physical protective creams. Although they can be more appealing cosmetically, chemical ones are often less effective and last less.

  • More melasma can be caused by aggressive lasers, Intense Pulsed Light, and peelings. We do not recommend these treatments and see patients from other centers who have “post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation,” which is a condition that causes more melasma. These techniques can cause skin irritations that lead to pigmentation spots.

  • The latest: Tranexamic acid. Tranexamic Acid is a novel molecule that fights hormonal spots. It can be used in cream, oral, or injected form. To determine if you are a suitable candidate, consult your dermatologist. Although the oral route is very effective, it can have side effects, so make sure you are evaluated.



First, determine the exact type of blemish. Sometimes, melanin can be in tiny veins. This should be treated with laser treatment. Oral medications, creams with effective components, or high levels of hydroquinone can cause other spots.


If the stain is of hormonal origin, we recommend three whitening sessions. We combine a superficial fractional and a depigmenting laser. The melasma treatment is safe and effective, but spots can return, so it is important to do the same treatment every autumn.

Beauty routine for melasma


There needs to be more than these treatments. Patients with melasma need to follow a proper cosmetic regimen. We recommend applying a photo protector and an antioxidant in the morning. This should be maintained throughout the day. Brushes with photoprotection can be used on top of your makeup. There are many brands available.


It is important to use “depigmenting cocktails” at night, as your dermatologist recommends. These usually contain retinoic, hydroquinone, kojic acids, tranexamic, azelaic, and niacinamide.


New data is emerging from studies on the treatment and prevention of melasma. It is linked to skin inflammation and blood vessel formation. These annoying spots will soon disappear with the help of new products.


Don’t lose your heart if you are suffering from melasma. Seek out a dermatologist, and you’ll see everything is going to be right. Modern dermatology can greatly assist patients suffering from hormonal spots.

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